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If I order anything from you, do you sell or lend my name and other data with others?
No we don't. We don't even do what a lot of other magazines do, which is exchange mailing lists with other magazines, and we haven't for many years. We guard our mailing list jealously. We communicate with you only in connection with our business with you: your subscription, order, etc. That's it.

Is it safe for me to give you my credit card number?
About as safe as using a credit card can be. It's well known that the riskiest places are gas stations and restaurants, where your credit card is carried off somewhere you can't see. We use the same SSL security that is used by all on-line services, including banks. Unlike many on-line services, however, we don't store your information where a hacker could potentially get at it. Once we receive your order, we take the data off-line. It is stored on a computer that is not accessible from the Internet. One year after the transaction, the paperwork goes through a crosscut shredder.

Do you have your own credit card merchant accounts?
Yes we do, with VISA and MasterCard, through Moneris Merchant Services. We have maintained our merchant account since the 1980's (our company, Broadcast Canada, was founded in 1972, and UHF Magazine itself began publication in 1982). Our relationship is of course precious to us.

What's the relationship between UHF Magazine and The Audiophile Store?
The Audiophile Store is a service of UHF Magazine, and, like the magazine itself, is wholly owned by Broadcast Canada. Orders from The Audiophile Store are payable to UHF Magazine or Broadcast Canada.

Doesn't having your own store create a possible conflict of interest?
We are often asked that, but actually it helps prevent one. All audio magazines depend on advertising revenue, which makes them vulnerable to pressure from manufacturers and distributors. Our magazine contains eight pages of Audiophile Store advertising that no one can take away from us. And of course the store is on our Web site as well. No single advertiser can do much to us, and there are some major advertisers who are never in our pages because at one time they have tried to shake us down. Fortunately, that is well known, and we don't often come under pressure.

Aren't you tempted to promote products your store sells over ones it doesn't?
Actually, no. If we carry a product, it's because we believe it is the best, or at least good value. It often happens that we'll replace a product offered in the store because our reviews turn up a superior one. In any case, the biggest asset we have is the trust we've built up over the years. No sale is worth compromising that.

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