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The Goldring 1012GX phono cartridge
The 1012GX is a moving magnet cartridge we have selected for its relatively low inductance (the Achilles heel of most MM cartridges), and its Gyger-2 stylus. This is a line contact stylus, which plays the groove walls, not just one tiny point on each wall. It gives smooth extended high frequencies, low distortion and reproduces a highly detailed and dynamic sound.
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The Goldring 1042 phono cartridge
The 1042 is a moving magnet cartridge. The extended groove contact of its Gyger-S line-contact gives the 1042 unsurpassed resolution of the fine groove modulations, producing an exceptionally detailed, smooth and musical sound. It's difficult to find better without moving up to an MC pickup (of course we have those too). Note: MM cartridges have easily interchangeable stylii, which are available from us. An MC cartridge with a damaged or worn stylus must be factory-rebuilt.
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The Goldring Eroica H phono cartridge
The Eroica is a moving coil cartridge with a powerful rare earth Neodymium magnet. This construction allows a shortened magnetic path, which helps reduce the amount of iron in the cartridge, keeping the mass down to just 5.5 g. The Pocan body of the cartridge enables it to be clamped solidly to the headshell, keeping energy losses to an absolute minimum. This cartridge uses a Gyger II line contact stylus. This "H" model is high output, so that it will work with a conventional MM phono preamp, and does not require a transformer or a high-sensitivity MC preamp. Note: the Eroica LX low-output cartridge can be special-ordered for $539.
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The Goldring Elite phono cartridge
This is Goldring's best cartridge, a somewhat detuned version of the superlative Goldring Excel which remains one of our two reference cartridges (when it was discontinued it cost $3000. The Elite is a low-output (0.5 mV) MC type, with (of course) a line-contact stylus. The coils are wound from pure silver wire. Its very low inductance gives it extended frequency response to 30 kHz It is, we believe, a bargain among high end cartridges, and can be used to good advantage with even the best arms and turntables.
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The ultimate: the London Reference phono cartridge
Based on the original Decca cartridge, the Reference is neither moving coil nor moving magnet. It has no cantilever, and its generating elements are just 2 mm above the elongated line contact stylus tip. The result is a level of direct contact with the music that is unmatched. We liked it so much when we reviewed it (read the review here in PDF) that we bought it. Can you believe we get paid to listen to products like this?
     The Reference works well in most arms (except straight-line tracking arms that are very short). It tracks between 1.6 and 2 grams (we suggest 2 g), and in our tests it tracked even the most modulated test discs.. It has 5 mV output, suitable for a standard MM phono input. List price US$5295.
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