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Recordings shown in red have been used in UHF Magazine's tests of Audio equipment


No Frontiers
For years. you couldn't get this famous recording by Irish singer Mary Black even on CD for love or money. Well, we never tried love, but we did try money, again and again. There's the title song, There's Columbus, there's The Shadow, there's Vanities... Yes, it's in red, because we've used it in plenty of equipment reviews.
LP: Pure Pleasure PPAN016 $39.95, Click to Buy

The Hunter
All right, call us fans of Jennifer Warnes. Aren't you? A great bouquet of songs, including The Lights of Lousianne (wow!) and Leonard Cohen's Way Down Deep.
LP: Sony IMP-6007 $39.95 Click to buy

Soular Energy
Ray Brown may have been the best bassist of all time, but here he is at his best, with his trio, featuring pianist Gene Harris. The LP bears a warning about the bass causing tracking problems at low stylus pressure. Probably bogus, but this superb double LP is a handful. A delightful handful.
LP: PA-2002 $54.95
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Simon and Garfunkel with a classic album from the 70's. Astonishingly great production. No wonder we all loved it!
LP: Columbia LP5233 $34.95 Click to buy

Various Positions
There's Leonard Cohen, and then there's Leonard Cohen on LP. This album is from 1984. And yes, that's Jennifer Warnes singing with him on sevral tracks.
LP: 4 Men With Beards 18141 $29.95 Click to buy

West Side Story
The magnificent Canadian jazz pianist, Oscar Peterson, in 1962, along with bassist Ray Brown and drummer Ed Thigpen. A jazz take on some of the greatest music of the century. Word!
LP: Verve AP-8454, $32.95
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Album 1400
Here are Peter,Paul and Mary at their finest. Includes Leavin' on a Jet Plane and I Dig Rock'n'Roll Music. Their harmony was never richer, especial;ly on vinyl
LP: Warner 1700, $37.95
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Kansas City Suite
This was one of the last of Count Basie's bands, and some say the greatest. They play the music of Benny Carter. The brass is terrific, as is Basie's piano.!
LP: Pure Pleasure 52056, $39.95
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Misa Criolla
If you've ever heard Ariel Ramirez'créole mass for tenor, choir and orchestra, you won't have forgotten it. José Carreras leads this amazing masterpiece, now back on vinyl.
LP: Decca 420-955-1 $44.95
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Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2
The legendary pianist Byron Janis, accompanied by Antal Dorati and the Minneapolis Symphony. This is one of Mercury's superb three-microphone purist recordings.
LP: Mercury SR90260 $45.00
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Bach: Cello Suites
Different artists bring new color to these sensuous Bach suites, but none we know of can compare to Janos Starker. These recordings from the 60's, on Mercury, were also wonderful audiophile favorites. This is a box set of the complete suites. Limited edition.
LP: Mercury SR39101 $114.95
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Cantate Domino

This choral record has become a classic of audiophile records. The title selection is stunningly beautiful. The second half is Christmas music, and includes the most stunning version of O Holy Night we've everh heard.
LP: PROP7762 $44.95 Click to buy

Now the Green Blade Riseth
Religious music done in a new way: organ, chorus and modern orchestra. This is stunning music, arranged and performed by masters, and the emotional effect is joyous. The sound is clear, and the sheer depth is unequalled. A triumph!
LP: PROP9093 $44.95 Click to buy

Jazz at the Pawnshop
An album of live jazz, with nearly perfect sound. It has been famous among audiophiles for years. There's something special about a live jazz album, and this purist recording helped launch the age of the audiophile record.
DOUBLE LP: 7778-79 $55.95 Click to buy


Ricki Lee Jones
This self-titled album from 1979 was Ricki Lee's very first, and it would become her most famous. It includes such classics as Easy Money and Last Chance Texaco..
LP: 1-392 $36.95
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Takin' Off
Herbie Hancock's original solo album, from a Blue Note original, with Freddie Hubbard, Dexter Gordon, Butch Warren and Billy Higgins.
LP: CLP-7050 $32.95 Click to buy

One Flight Up
Saxophonist Dexter Gordon, from a Blue Note original. This fine LP was recorded in 1964, when Gordon and some other Black musicians moved to Sweden to flee the explosive racial tension than prevalent in the US. He is accompanied by some other recognizable names, including drummer Art Taylor and trumpetist Donald Byrd.
LP: BLP-4176 $32.95
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30th Anniversary Celebration Album
A wonderful double album (33 rpm) with pieces by Eric Bibb, Peder af Ugglas, Lars Erstrand, the Omnibus Wind Ensemble, the Global Percussion Network, and more.
Double LP: LP22060 $39.95
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Jazz Trio
The volcanic jazz pianist Knud Jörgensen, in a superb LP re-release of his 1984 recording. High quality German pressing.
LP: LP8401 $29.95
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Autumn Shuffle
Guitarist Peder af Ugglas wanders among blues and rock in this vinyl LP. Always beguiling, sometimes downright enthralling.
LP: LP22042 $29.95
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A sampler of recent Opus 3 recordings, many of them from analog originals. Includes Eric Bibb, Lars Erstrand. the Swedish Jazz Kings, many more.
LP: LP20000 $29.95
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Good Stuff
As soothing as a summer breeze, this disc features singer Eric Bibb (son of Leon), singing and playing guitar along with his group. Subtle weaving of instrumentation, vivid sound.
DOUBLE 45 rpm LP: LP19603 $52.95
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Spirit and the Blues
Like his father, the legendary Leon Bibb, Eric Bibb understands the blues. He and the other musicians, all playing strictly acoustic instruments, have done a fine recording, and Opus 3 has made it sound exceptional. The stupendous LP version is double, and was cut at 45 rpm.
DOUBLE 45 rpm LP: LP19401 $39.95
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Blues Ballads & Work Songs
Bluesman Eric Bibb returning to the roots of working class blues..
LP: L22111 $29.95
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Rainbow People
The original recording by bluesman Eric Bibb, from 1977, with engineering (of course) by the great Jan-Eric Persson.
LP: LP7723 $29.95
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Test Record No.4
This latest sampler disc from Opus 3 contains several cuts from records we use in our tests, including Larson’s Concertino for double bass and the Tomas Örmberg jazz group. Eleven cuts: classical, jazz and pop. The clarity and the stereo image are both exceptional.
LP: OPLP9200 $29.95
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Lars Erstrand & Four Brothers
Erstrand's followup album, also excellent.
LP: 8402 $24
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Gunnar Lidberg
Jazz violinist Lidberg is accompanied by four other jazzmen, including vibraphonist Erstrand, in this fine recording of recognizable standards. Fine sound.
LP: 7904 $24
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Blazing Redheads
They may not be all redheads, but this all-female salsa jazz big band adds lots of red pepper to its music. LP version only.
LP: RR-26 $25.00
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This amazing recording, which includes the Firebird Suite, marked Reference's return to the world of the LP. It sounds about as close to the sound of a real orchestra you[ll hear without buying a concert ticket.
LP: RM-1502 $36.95
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Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances
This is another favorite from our equipment reviews. This wonderful performance of Rachmaninoff music is amazingly recorded.
LP: RM-1504 36.95
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There's a Time
This may be bluesman Doug MacLeod's best album ever, and that's saying something. Recorded in real time at the Skywalker ranch, with the unique techniques developed by Keith O. Johnson. The music is often touching or funny, but always mesmerizing. Double LP, 45 rpm..
LP: RM-2507 $52.95
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From the Age of Swing
No one knew more about swing music that pianist and composer Dick Hyman. He and a swing band comprising some of the greatest names in the genre put out this double LP. A sound field you can walk into.
Double LP: RM-2501 $52.95
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Offenbach Overtures
The City of Birmingham Symphony has, surprisingly, all the frothiness you need for these raucous and joyous overtures to La Belle Hélène,, La Vie Parisienne, etc.
LP: KS-517 $24
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Baroque Recorder Vol.1
Hans Martin Linde plays pieces by Vivaldi and Telemann for solo recorder.
LP: KS-511 $12.00
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Percy Grainger Plays Schumann and Liszt
This and the next two LPs are made from reproducing pianos: something like a player piano, but storing not just keystrokes, but dynamics and pedal actions. These modified grand pianos were installed in a studio, and recorded in modern stereo.

Grainger was himself a famous composer, but here we hear him playing with a light touch and astonishing subtlety. This disc is at once interesting and pleasing to the ear. Get it!
LP: KS-109 $18.00
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Josef Lhevinne Plays Concert I
Despite his reputation, Lhevinne plays Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt and Schumann in a style that doesn't cut it today. It's an important historical document, though.
LP: KS-104 $12.00
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Ignaz Friedman: Concert II
The Invitation to the Dance, La Campanella and several of Friedman's own works...played with a leaden hand. Historical document.
LP: KS-115 $12.00
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Legendary Artists Play Piano Four Hands
Percy Grainger, Ignaz Friedeman, Walter Damrosch and others play Liszt, Ravel, Schubert and Delius..
LP: KS-132 $12.00
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Mannheim Steamroller is a sort of Baroque'n'Roll group, mixing old musical styles with synth rock, always with flawless musical taste and judgement. It works, and how! You'll play this one a lot of times. This is one of the best Christmas recordings ever made.
LP: LPAG1984 $18.00
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Some of the best New Age orchestral music on an audiophile label, this suite was written and arranged by Rick Swanson.
LP: AG687 $12.00
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Urban Surrender
Ric Swanson again, with a fascinating suite for orchestra, and sometimes choral voices.
LP: AG600 $12.00
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Through the Lens
The Checkfield group (John Archer and Ron Satterfield) in a classic New Age mix of acoustic and synth music.
LP: AG788 $12.00
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Pianist Jackson Berkey plays Debussy, Rachmaninoff and Satie on a Baldwin SD-10 grand.
LP: AG371 $12.00
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American Gramophone Sampler III
Once a staple of audio shows, these tracks from Mannheim Steamroller's Fresh Aire series are a prime example of Chip Davis's awsome "Baroque'n'Roll."
LP: AG366 $20.00
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A Touch of Kenneth Nash
The subtitle is "Music from a faraway place." For synths, guitar, bass, voice and more..
LP: MWLP121 $12.00
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The Move of Life
Windsor Riley says, "This is new music that expresses life energy in a simple, non-problematic form." It's for guitar, sax and voice.

The Avenue
Guitarist Kimbal Dykes, playing several instruments as well, provides a very personal version of music of Bach, Rodrigo, and others. Just one left of this one!
LP: MWLP140 $12.00
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Vinyl Essentials
This German-made test LP is a welcome replacement for the old Shure Audio Obstacle Course, which was once included with the company's top phono cartridges (and calibrated to make sure its best cartridge passed the tests). It includes tracks for checking the resonant frequency of a cartridge/tone arm combination, and it also has tracks for judging a cartridge's ability to navigate highly-modulated passages. Other tracks are for channel identification, checking phase, and measuring crosstalk. We're glad to have it, because it's an indispensable tool.
LP: LP003 $48.95
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Eduard Tubin: Symphony No.9 (BIS)
Various symphonic works by Estonian composer Eduard Tubin. $6
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