We own several high-grade analog tape recorders, and we have brand new tape to go with them. But we have more then we need. Looking for your own supply? We have normal bias tape in 2500' pancakes, in factory-sealed boxes. They're from Pacific Magnetics, and we get great results with them. In fact, you can't have them all...but we have plenty. They come in boxes of 10 tapes, available for $360 a box.
     We also have NAB tape reels, both metal (like the one shown here) and fibreglass, with boxes. The reels may be of different brands. Because we have limited quantities, we need to limit you to one empty reel per bulk pancake.
ORDER: PMT-2500, box of 10 bulk tape pancakes, $380 Click to buy
ORDER: NAB-AL, aluminum reel with box, maximum 10 per box of bulk tape, $32 each. Click to buy
ORDER: NAB-FG, fibreglass reel with box, maximum 10 reels of either type per box of bulk tape, $26 each. Click to buy



     This German-built belt-driven turntable is notable for its performance, and its ease of use. Rather affordable for a table with high-end accoutrements, it is very close to plug-and-play, making it a rather good buy for non-expert audiophiles. It comes with an Audio-Technica AT95E moving magnet cartridge, and it sounds even better with a premium-quality cartridge. It shuts off aitomatically at the end of a record side. The supplied output cables can easily be uphraded too. You can read our review in UHF
right here.
     We have only one of these magnificent tables. It's our demo, and has had some two hours of use. It's still under warranty, of course. Originally $1200 USD, about $1600 CAD. Grab it for $999. Free shipping in Canada, 5% extra in the US. But there's only one. Click to buy it



Canadian manufacturer Focus Audio may be best known for its high-end loudspeakers, but it also builds tube amplifiers to drive them. The Liszt Prelude amplifier was on the cover of UHF No. 95 (you can read the review here). Yes, we liked the way it sounded, and we liked the build quality too. Now, our Audiophile Boutique has managed to get hold a of a very limited number.
     Full list price is now $8970 (our dollar has gone down since the test...and remember that's in Canadian dollars). Our basic price is 20% off, but we can offer you a special bundle too.
ORDER Focus Audio Liszt Prelude, $7176 Click to order it


You'll be needing interconnect cables, though. Buy a set of Atlas Mavros cables, one of the best we have ever heard, and which we use ourselves. These are single-crystal cables with Teflon dielectric and solderless non-compressing connectors. They're $1499 (and will be going up when we restock), but add a pair to your Focus Audio amplifier, and get the set for just $199. Wow!
ORDER AMI-1, Mavros interconnects, one per amplifier purchase, $399. Click to add them

    We need to clear them out to make room for other products. This could be your last CD player. Originally $3000 ($3200 for the CD3.3X, with a balanced analog outputs), the player includes a digital input, so that you can use its high-performance DAC (24-bit/192 kHz) with a computer or other source. These are refurbished players, factory-checked, with five year warranty. New box, manual, batteries, etc.
     It features digital and analog power supplies using a toroidal power transformer, 10 stages of DC voltage regulation, a proprietary CD drive system with in-house developed hardware & software, CD drive system mounted on the M-Quattro gel-based 4-point floating suspension for vibration damping, allowing ambient and spatial cues in your recordings to come to life like never before.
Internal upsampling with 24-bit/1.411MHz processing, BurrBrown PCM1798 high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz Digital-to-Analog Converter and 8x oversampling digital filter, S/PDIF digital input for use as a digital-to-analog converter with either a digital music server or external transport.

CD3.3X player, refurbished, originally $3200 new, recently $1950, now just $1650. CLICK TO ORDER ONE

CD3.3 player, refurbished, originally $3000 new, recently $1775, now $1450. CLICK TO ORDER ONE

Want to connect your CD3.3 to a TOSLINK source, such as an Airport Express or a computer? Add the TO-CA adapter, which turns TOSLINK to the S/PDIF coaxial compatible with the CD3.3, $15. Offered only with purchase of a CD3.3. CLICK TO ADD ONE

And...pick up a piece of our reference systems...


     Recognize it? It's the original Moon 300D digital-to-analog converter. We use it alongside the Mac mini computer in our Omega reference system. The 300D did not yet have n asynchronous USB circuit, and so we added the superb Stello U3 interface.

     It's now discontinued, we're sad to say. But you can get the two units, plus the superb Mavros digital cable you'll need to link them.
     The full price of the combination would have been over $2,800. Get it now for $1,495.
Now's your chance to get superior digital sound from your computer.

ORDER DAC bundle for $1,495.
Click to buy it

     Need a superior quality USB cable to go with your new DAC? We recomment the BIS Audio.
ORDER: BIS-USB3, 0.92m USB cable, $120
Click to buy it