Created three decades ago by Jan-Eric Persson, this company continues to produce discs of exceptional quality. Persson's two-channel discs are nearly all made by the classic stereo microphone setup described by Alan Blumlein, and the result is a 3D image that is startlingly revealing. Several titles are available on LP, and new titles are in SACD/CD hybrid discs. Some older HDCD recordings remain in stock.



Records shown in red are used in UHF Magazine's tests of audio equipment.

Test Records 1, 2 & 3
Is this ever a blast from the past! When the Opus 3 label was launched in 1977, Jan-Eric Persson’s clever gambit was to bring out three “test records” -- actually samplers. It worked. The Opus 3 sound was a revelation. Persson used a single pair of microphones, arranged in classic Blumlein pattern, plugged directly into his analog tape recorder. It feels good to listen to these pieces again. It begins with Thérèse Juel’s Tiden bara går. There are guitar pieces, by Peder Riis, Duodecima and the Stockholm Guitar Quartet. There’s the Buddy Bolden Blues, by Tomas Örnberg’s Blue Five. It’s still great!
SACD: CD22081 $24.50 Click to buy

Test CD 4.1
Selections from earlier samplers, classical, jazz and blues. Includes tracks no longer available elsewhere.
CD19400, $16.95 Click to buy

Jazz Trio
The volcanic jazz pianist Knud Jörgensen, in a superb LP re-release of his 1984 recording. High quality German pressing.
LP: LP8401 $29.95 Click to buy

A Unique Classical Guitar Collection
Unique indeed, this SACD contains extended excerpts from Opus 3 classical guitar LPs of the company's early years: the Stocholm Guitar Quartet, Duodecima, Petter Riis, and others. Terrific!
SACD: CD22062 $24.50 Click to buy

Showcase 2005
The latest sampler of great music from opus 3: classical, jazz and blues. Great SACD sound.

SACD: CD22050 $24.50 Click to buy

Autumn Shuffle
Guitarist Peder af Ugglas wanders among blues and rock in this hybrid SACD. Always beguiling, sometimes downright enthralling.
SACD: CD22042 $24.50 Click to buy
LP: LP22042 $29.95 Click to buy

The second hit blues guitar album by Peder af Ugglas, this one is as far ranging as Autumn Shuffle, and we predict it will delight his growing coterie of fans.
SACD: CD22072 $24.50 Click to buy

An SACD sampler of recent Opus 3 recordings, many of them from analog originals. Includes Eric Bibb, Lars Erstrand. the Swedish Jazz Kings, many more.
LP: LP21000 $29.95 Click to buy

It’s Right Here For You
Is there, anywhere, a better swing band than The Swedish Jazz Kings (formerly Tömas Ormberg’s Blue Five)? Closer to Kansas City than to Stockholm, they are captivating. The HDCD transfer makes this the best-sounding of all Opus 3 discs, including the vinyl ones.
CD: CD19404 $16.95 Click to buy

Come Love
Long one of our favorite recordings for equipment tests, it's by the Swedish Jazz Kings, with clarinetist Kenny Davern. The peak of Opus 3's art.
HDCD: CD19703 $16.95 Click to buy

Good Stuff
As soothing as a summer breeze, this disc features singer Eric Bibb (son of Leon), singing and playing guitar along with his group. Subtle weaving of instrumentation, vivid HDCD sound (on the CD).

CD: CD19603 $16.95 Click to buy
SACD: CD19623 $24.50 Click to buy
DOUBLE 45 rpm LP: LP19603 $52.95 Click to buy

Spirit and the Blues
Like his father, the legendary Leon Bibb, Eric Bibb understands the blues. He and the other musicians, all playing strictly acoustic instruments, have done a fine recording, and Opus 3 has made it sound exceptional. The stupendous LP version is double, and was cut at 45 rpm.
SACD: CD19411 $24.50 Click to buy
45 rpm LP: LP19401 $39.95 Click to buy

Tiny Island
More from Eric Bibb and his Needed time Gospel Blues group.

SACD: CD19824 $24.50
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Just Like Love
A new disc from Eric Bibb, this one is (mostly) less oriented to Gospel and more to Blues. Bibb’s group, Needed Time, is not here, but he’s surrounded by half a dozen fine musicians. A nice recording. This is a hybrid disc, with a conventional CD layer and a Super Audio high definition layer too.
SACD: CD21002 $24.50 Click to buy

Across the Bridge of Hope
The Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble (the one that did Musica Sacra, see below) tackles a daring, often thrilling program of unusual vocal music. Includes some showstopping songs from the Far North. An adventure, with the thrilling sound that Opus 3 knows how to put on disc.

SACD: CD22012 $24.50 Click to buy

The full recording from which “Tiden Bara Går” on Test Record No.1 is taken. This great song isn’t even the best on the album! A fine singer, doing folklike material…and who cares about understanding the words?
CD: OPCD7917 $16.95 Click to buy

Concertos for Double Bass
This album of modern and 19th Century music is a favorite among Opus 3 fans for its deep, sensuous sound. And the music is worth discovering. It is sensuous and lyrical, a delight in every way.
SACD: OPCD8502 $24.50
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Test Record No.4
This latest sampler disc from Opus 3 contains several cuts from records we use in our tests, including Larson’s Concertino for double bass and the Tomas Örmberg jazz group. Eleven cuts: classical, jazz and pop. The clarity and the stereo image are both exceptional.

LP: OPLP9200 $29.95 Click to buy

Erstrand's followup album, also excellent.

LP 8402
$ 24.00 Click to buy

Destino Flamenco
One of Opus 3's early analog recordings, using a Blumlein stereo pair of microphones, it features flamenco guitarist Manolo Yglesias.
CD: CD19505 $16.95 Click to buy

Two Sides of Lars Erstrand
The title gives away the fact that this wonderful album of vibraphonist Lars Erstrand and several other musicians was originally an LP. And a great one!
CD: CD8302 $16.95 Click to buy

Cornet Chop Suey
The great American cornetist Bob Barnard, with piano accompaniment, doing jazz standards.

CD: CD19503 $16.95 Click to buy