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We got it done, all 89 pages of it (a record, not counting issue No. 32,  The Dream Book -- and was  that a mistake!). On the cover is the Gershman Acoustics Posh speaker, one of the products reviewed in this issue, and behind it is our fireworks of celebration. Since they're virtual, they won't scare the dogs. There are other products reviewed too, including the Atoll IN300 integrated amplifier, and a couple of cables from BIS Audio, aimed at owners of recent turntables. But we also looked back at reviews of particularly significant products, including loudspeakers, amplifiers, and CD players. Some of these products are still available on the used market at (possibly) bargain prices, so we try to answer the question:  should I look for one? Our usual  Software review section is a little different too. Aside from the usual reviews of CDs, LPs and movies, we include three books. Two of them are novels with hi-fi themes. And another is a self-contained course in electronics, in case you want to better understand what manufacturers are trying to tell you. Or in case you want to try your own hand at building something. Get your own copy of issue 100 here. Or subscribe here . And now...on to issue No. 101, an extended course on high fidelity and how to make your system do what you want .