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We have lots of other recordings we like (and recommend), on different labels. These are some of them.


Records in red have been used in UHF Magazine's tests of audio equipment.

We Get Requests
This was an amazimg 1964 Verve LP, featuring Canadian pianist Oscar Peterson and bassist Ray Brown. Now FIM has brought it back on a K2 Compact Disc (which appears to be xrcd in all but name, with silver foil rather than aluminum. Gorgeous music, rendered with great fidelity..
CD: FIM K2HD 032 $38.95 Click here to hear it
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All We Need to Know
All you need to know is that this is the new long-awaited album from jazz singer Margie Gibson! Her Sheffield recording, Say It With Music, has long been a best-seller, and also a staple of our equipment reviews. We're already using this terrific recording in our reviews. And to order her original Sheffield album, click here.

Ba just keeps.reinventing herself. Hailed as her best album since Sources, it features this Canadian-Brazilian-French singer in softer, more intimate songs, some of them romantic, but others -- as with Sources -- touching the countless facets of human rights. A must for all those who, like us, love Ba.
CD: ADCD10227 $21.00 Click to buy

Coeur vagabond
The fourth from Ba: six Brazilian songs sung in French, seven French songs sung in Portuguese...and then there's the title song! If you've ever heard Ba sing, you will about now be clicking on the button for the order page. If you haven't...listen first.
CD: ADCD10191 $21.00
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Ba (pronounced bee-ya) is a stunning young singer from Brazil who lives in France. She sings in Portugese, French and English, and tears your heart out. Would she be as mesmerizing without the clear, widerange, glowing sound? It's one of those recordings you hear and you and go out and grab it.
CD: ADCD10132 $21.00
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La mmoire du vent
This is the original CD by Bia, with a generous 18 songs in Portuguese and French. Like the newer CD, it's a delight.
CD: ADCD10144 $21.00 Click to buy

The third CD by Ba, this one is full of surprises. There are more musicians this time, with unforgettable songs in Portuguese, French and more. There's never anything banal about Ba. Like the first two CDs, this one is warmly recommended. Click here to read the entire review from UHF
CD: ADCD10163 $21.00
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FIM Audiophile Reference IV
A stunning SACD sampler which includes La Vezina Catina by Esther Ofarim, and two pieces from the famous Jazz at the Pawnshop and Antiphone Blues albums, plus a number of excerpts from FIM recordings by Jacintha, Teresa Perez and more. Stunning sound. And the CD layer is encoded in HDCD!
CD: SACD 029 38.95
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We couldn't believe it: at an absurdly low price, a huge collection of classical music on 50 CDs. We listened with a jaundiced ear. Might these be old mono recordings? No, they're all in stereo, and better than pretty good...mostly 10th row centre in a good hall, just the way we like it. Surely the artists would be third rate? No, they are all respectable, and many are excellent. Then the music choice would be biased toward the saccharine? No, it's just about the selection we would have made had we been putting together a package like this. If you have few or no classical recordings and you've been thinking you would like to discover the world of the classics, this is for you. It will enrich your life! Even if you have a fair collection already, you'll be surprised by what's on this 50 CD set.
GCM-50 $119.95 Click to buy

Want to see the list of works on this collection, and even hear excerpts on line? Just pop over to our Classica d'Oro page. Want to hear some of the music on your own system? Order a sampler (on recordable CD) for $10, refundable if you order the entire set.
GCM-1 Sampler, $10 Click to buy

Now the Green Blade Riseth
This superb choral recording is often used in our equipment reviews, and it's superb. music besides. It exists in CD and SACD, but this is JVC's XRCD2 version
XRCD: XRCD 9093 $27.95
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Misa Criolla
This impressive Creole mass by Ariel Ramirez features Jos Carreras. Magnificent sound on this FIM XRCD
CD: K2H2 040 $33.95 Click to buy

Famous Blue Raincoat
The Impex gold remastered version of this famous recording.
CD: IMP8301-2 $27.95 Click to buy

The Hunter
A no-less famous CD by Jennifer Warnes, in a gold LPCD format.
CD: 88697606682 $27.95 Click to buy

Massenet Ballet Music
The city of Birmingham Symphony in a famous recording, originally on Klavier. This is a Cisco gold CD
CD: GCD 8002 $37.95 Click to buy

The hard-to-find recording by South African trumpeter (and singer) Hugh Masekela. Includes the famous Stimela..
CD: 82020 $27.95 Click to buy

Musicians of Europe
from Pierre Verany, a sampler of music by Chopin, Bizet, Rameau, Vivaldi...15 tracks in all. A special purchase at a special price.
CD: PV793024 $9.95 Click to buy

The Flute at the Court of Frederick the Great
Famed flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal has been on hundreds of recordings, but few can match the quality of this recording of music by Quantz, Benda and Frederick himself. With the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris, this Erato recording is a European remastering from CBS..
CD: MK39702 Usually $17.95, now $9.95 Click to buy

The Artistry of Linda Rosenthal
Violinist Rosenthal plays popular classics: Hora Staccato, Perpetuum Mobile, Beau Soir (Debussy) and more. This is an HDCD recording from FIM.
CD: FIM022 Usually $29.95, now $22.95 Click to buy

A Time For Us
Alexander Warenberg and his orchestra play light classics and show tunes, from Maria to Schindler's List. This is an HDCD recording from FIM.
CD: FIM051 Usually $29.95, now $22.95 Click to buy

Songs My Dad Taught Me
Jazz standards, with the Jeremy Monteiro Trio. Superb. This is an HDCD recording from FIM.
CD: FIM009 Usually $29.95, now $22.95 Click to buy


We went through thousands of CDs to find these, and in every case the transfer to Compact Disc is magnificent. Take any two and you get 10% off. Take three and you get 20%.

Neil Diamond: Serenade
Just eight songs on this European CBS disc, but what songs! I've Been This Way Before, Lady Magdalene, Reggae Strut, The Gift of Song, and more. Glowing sound too.
CD: 465012-2 $17.95 Click to buy
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The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
The title gives it away: this is a collection of Joan Baez songs, and amazingly they sound better on this European Vanguard CD than they did on our original vinyl disc. Also includes The Brand new Tennessee Waltz, Help Me Make It Through the Night, and more.
CD: VFCD7104 $17.95 Click to buy

The Flute at the Court of Frederick the Great
Famed flutist Jean-Pierre Rampal has been on hundreds of recordings, but few can match the quality of this recording of music by Quantz, Benda and Frederick himself. With the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris, this Erato recording is a European remastering from CBS..
CD: MK39702 $17.95 Click to buy

Mannheim Steamroller is a sort of Baroque'n'Roll group, mixing old musical styles with synth rock, always with flawless musical taste and judgement. It works, and how! You'll play this one a lot of times.
LP: LPAG1984 $15.00 Click to buy