Issue 81

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Diffusing Sound
by Paul Bergman
Can’t absorb all the sound you want? There may be another way to limit the damage.

Battery Technologies
You’ve probably noticed it: more and more audio gear runs on batteries

Flashback: Edison and High Fidelity
The beginning, and we mean the very beginning

UHF Chooses Blu-Ray
But it doesn’t mean you should. Yet.

The New Reimyo Player
When we reviewed the DAP-777 converter, we figured it was just waiting for the right transport. It found it!

The Linn Majik CD Player
Strictly Red Book. And strictly music.

The London Reference Phono Cartridge
An MC cartridge? An MM cartridge? Neither. It is at once very new and very old.

The Gershman Sonogram
This affordable three-way speaker caused a buzz at the Montreal show. And for good reason.

The CEC Classic53
Who remembers that CEC used to make tube amplifiers? Who knew it still does?

The Koss Pro 4AAAT Headphone
By an odd coincidence, a new version of our long-time pro reference headphone

The Grado SR-125 Headphone
The affordable open-back solution

Brian Smith
The man behind Presence Audio, the source of the unique London phono cartridge

The Little Sparrow
by Reine Lessard
She was born in the street, but her voice electrified the world

Software Reviews
by Reine Lessard and Gerard Rejskind

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