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A cornucopia of CDs and SACDs. The regular price is shown, but order any two and we'll take 15% off your bill. Buy three or more, and we'll take 30% off. But quantities are limited, so no rain checks.


Test Records 1, 2 & 3
Is this ever a blast from the past! When the Opus 3 label was launched in 1977, Jan-Eric Persson’s clever gambit was to bring out three “test records” -- actually samplers. It worked. The Opus 3 sound was a revelation. Persson used a single pair of microphones, arranged in classic Blumlein pattern, plugged directly into his analog tape recorder. It feels good to listen to these pieces again. It begins with Thérèse Juel’s Tiden bara går. There are guitar pieces, by Peder Riis, Duodecima and the Stockholm Guitar Quartet. There’s the Buddy Bolden Blues, by Tomas Örnberg’s Blue Five. It’s still great!
SACD: CD22081 $24.50 Click to buy

Autumn Shuffle
Guitarist Peder af Ugglas wanders among blues and rock in this hybrid SACD. Always beguiling, sometimes downright enthralling.
SACD: CD22042 $24.50 Click to buy
LP: LP22042 $29.95 Click to buy

The second hit blues guitar album by Peder af Ugglas, this one is as far ranging as Autumn Shuffle, and we predict it will delight his growing coterie of fans.
SACD: CD22072 $24.50 Click to buy

Good Stuff
As soothing as a summer breeze, this disc features singer Eric Bibb (son of Leon), singing and playing guitar along with his group. Subtle weaving of instrumentation, vivid HDCD sound (on the CD).
CD: CD19603 $16.95 Click to buy
SACD: CD19623 $24.50 Click to buy
DOUBLE 45 rpm LP: LP19603 $52.95 Click to buy

The full recording from which “Tiden Bara Går” on Test Record No.1 is taken. This great song isn’t even the best on the album! A fine singer, doing folklike material…and who cares about understanding the words?
CD: OPCD7917 $16.95 Click to buy

30th Anniversary Collection
This famous SACD (with a Red Book CD layer of course) includes terrific jazz, classical and other pieces, recorded in Opus 3's justly celebrated true stereo system.
SACD: SACD22060 $24.50 
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Is this ever a surprising disc! Violinist Marc Belanger worked up these string études for his music students, but they actually deserve to be put out on a gold audiophile disc! The more strings he adds, the better it gets.
CD: SLC9604-2 $22.00 Click to buy it

Musique Guy St-Onge
St-Onge is the founder of the label, and here he plays some 30 instruments on an astonishing disc. He came up with 14 imaginary films, and then wrote music for them. It makes you wish you could go to your video club and rent the movies, but playing this imaginative disc is the next best thing.
CD: SLC9700-2 $22.00 Click to buy it

The FS-Alpha loudspeaker cable


If you've been reading issue No. 98 of UHF Magazine (available from Maggie, as usual), you'll know that this Furutech single-crystal cable was the runner-up in our comparison test. This is our test pair, 3-metres long, outfitted with Furutech FT-212 bananas, which are possibly the best in the world.
     Thus outfitted, the FS-Alpha would run close to $1300. So at $650, they're an incredible bargain.
     They're the only pair, first come, first served.

FS-Alpha 3m pair, as shown, $650. Click to buy them

Furutech silver solder

     It's amazing but true, the majority of electronic supply stores sell traditional lead solder. What's wrong with lead? It's toxic for one thing (try Googling Minimata disease), so you may not want to breathe the fumes from a hot soldering iron. For another, it's now illegal in a lot of countries. As if that weren't enough, lead is a lousy conductor of electricity. This solder from Furutech is lead-free, with tin plus 4% silver. It has a low melting point of 200
ºC, with recommended operating temperature of 380ºC to 450ºC for 15 seconds. Furutech solder is designed to require minimum flux, yielding a purer connection.
ORDER FSS-10, Furutech silver solder, 10m roll, limited quantity, usually $39.95, now $33.95
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Phono plugs from WBT
WBT has become expensive, and that's an understatement. We still have a bit of stock, and this is it. The top ones are from the nextgen series: low mass, pure copper. The bottom ones are from the Midline series. Both require soldering. First come, first served.
ORDER WBT-0110, nextgen plugs, $39.95
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ORDER WBT-0144, Midline plugs, $32.95 Click to buy

The original Moon 300D digital-to-analog converter (Originally $2200)


It also has inputs for optical and coaxial connections. Add top-grade asynchronous USB (our recommendation), with the Stello U3 interface. The bundle includes a high-grade Atlas Ascent digital cable to link the two. The total original value would have been about $3000. The 300D is factory refurbished, with Simaudio warranty. The cable and Stello interface are used, but mint. This combination was long our reference digital source. First come, first served..


ORDER: Digital bundle, (DAC+Stello+cable) $1200
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