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For some years, UHF Magazine has been using the power of its own publication to advertise a service to its own readers. Through The Audiophile Store, we offer records, CDs and LPs, cables and accessories. All of these products have one thing in common: we think they're good, and we'd recommend them to our friends. Which of course many of our readers have become.



Interconnect cables, speaker wires, jumpers, and digital cables, both coaxial and optical.
Superior power cables and power bars.
Furutech bananas and spades, including low-mass pure copper locking bananas. Pro-Gold treatment for connectors, silver solder.
Digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters, high-performance digital cables.
Selected phono cartridges from Rega and London, including the London Reference, the cartridge we use.
Phono preamplifier, Granite Audio burn-in discs, Rubber Renue treatment for turntable belts, the world's best record brush, a machine for cleaning LPs, our own recommended fluid for machines, our own Stylus cleaner, record clamps.
Superspikes, Tenderfeet cones and Tendercups, Audio-Tak, loudspeaker stands, the Super Antenna (FM/digital TV)
Burn-in discs, test discs for turntables and CD players.
UHF's other store, featuring closeouts and specials on high quality gear. These may be one-offs, special purchases, demos or even used products, always at exceptional prices.

If we don't like it, you won't see it here
E-mail us. We ship most products worldwide

is a fine Canadian classical label that has achieved audiophile status, and some of whose artists have superstar talent. Limited availability.

Classica d'Oro
A classical music education in a box: 50 gold audiophile-grade CDs with complete works, not excerpts, at just $2.25 a disc.

s an interesting US classical label, with some surprises! Available mostly on CD, with a few LP selections as well Limited availability.

M•A Recordings
Todd Garfinkle's own label, on which he has recorded a number of exotic artists in classical and world music genres, always with startling you-are-there sound.

Opus 3
is a 30-year old Swedish label with good artists and superlative sound. Mostly CD now (with some LPs in the catalog), and recent SACD releases.

is one of the original Swedish audiophile labels. It first became famous with its legendary Jazz at the Pawnshop live recordings, but it has lots more.

Reference Recordings
Keith O. Johnson's famous label, with some excellent artists, mostly jazz and classical, mostly in glorious HDCD. We also have a limited selection of the company's legendary LPs..

Originally known for its direct-to-disc LP's, which it still produces, but it has an interesting catalog of pop, jazz and classical CDs as well.

Silence Records
is an authentic Canadian audiophile label, making (mostly) gold CD's at surprisingly low prices. We recommend all its releases so far, for both sonics and music.

Miscellaneous labels
A treasury of great artists on audiophile-quality labels.

The LP Store
Stacks of recommended vinyl recordings, all in one place.