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Power Line Accessories

(NOTE: these products are intended for countries with electrical power of 110 or 120 volt AC. They will not work on 220 or 240 volts, nor in any country using other connectors.)

The UHF power bar

For years we've been warning you about buying those horrible power bars from the hardware store. So what do we recommend?
     UHF's own power bar is a high-performance choice. Note the green dot on the fourplex outlet, denoting hospital grade (it's from Hubbell). The cable is fully-shielded 14-gauge, 1.5m long (but longer if you need it) and the AC plug is a Furutech, made from pure copper, not the usual brass and nickel.
ORDER UHF14-PB, UHF power bar, $259.95
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ORDER UHF14-B UHF14 additional wire, per metre, $30 Click to buy

The UHF14 power cord (assembled or DIY kit)
The $2 power cords given away with even most expensive gear are hideous beyond belief. This unique easy-to-assemble kit allows you to upgrade at minmum cost. UHF14 is a quality 14-gauge shielded cable, with the famous Schurter 15 Ampere IEC plug and a Hubbell hospital grade wall plug. It is far lower in cost than any other quality cable known to us. You can see the instruction sheet in PDF form. Or get it already assembled for slightly more. Either way, don't settle for less than this. The standard length is 1.5 meters (5 feet). For a longer cable, add $20/metre.

ORDER UHF14-1.5K, UHF14 gauge power cable kit, $89.95 Click to buy
ORDER UHF14-1.5 UHF14 gauge power cable, assembled, $114.95 Click to buy
ORDER UHF14-B UHF14 additional wire, per metre, $30 Click to buy

The UHF14F power cord kit, with Furutech connectors

Go beyond the nickel and brass of ordinary connectors, to the Furutech pure copper wall-plug, and the same outstanding Furutech copper IEC plug we have used on our expensive cables. We were surprised to find that our 14-gauge shielded wire is so good it deserves the best. Available as an easy-to-assemble kit (no soldering). Or get it already assembled for slightly more. The right choice even for high-current amplifiers. The standard length is 1.5 meters (5 feet). For a longer cable, add $20/metre.

ORDER UHF14F-1.5K, UHF14/Furutech 14-gauge power cable kit, $164.95 Click to buy
ORDER UHF14F-1.5 UHF14/Furutech 14-gauge cable, assembled, $189.95 Click to buy
ORDER UHF14-B UHF14 additional wire, per metre, $30 Click to buy

20 Ampere power cables
Some large amplifiers use an IEC connector that is different from most, the C-19. So does the Audioprism Power Foundation filter, above. The C-19's pin layout is different from the usual. We have a solution, the UHF14-20 cable. The wire is our own 14-gauge foil-shielded wire. It has a Marinco 20 amp hopital grade wall plug at one end, and the largest C-10 IEC that Schurter makes.

Note that one pin on the wall plug is turned 90 degrees, and so it will fit only a 20 amp AC outlet like the Hubbell 8300 (the red one, shown further down this page).
ORDER UHF14-20-1.5, UHF14 20 ampere cord, 1.5 m, $134.95 Click to buy
ORDER UHF14-B UHF14 additional wire, per metre, $30 Click to buy

Need the 20 amp IEC connector, but you want to plaug into a regular duplex outlet? We can substitute the 15 amp Marinco hospital-grade wall plug., which fits all outlets.
ORDER UHF14-15-1.5, UHF14 15 ampere cord with C-19 plug, 1.5 m, $134.95 Click to buy
ORDER UHF14-B UHF14 additional wire, per metre, $30 Click to buy

Instant Circuit Tester

Why doesn't your local convenience store stock this great device? It's a fact that many homes--including most older ones--have one or more circuits that are wired wrong. They're lousy for hi-fi, and they can even kill you.
     How to find out? Just plug the Instant Circuit Tester into an unused AC outlet.If the two yellow lights glow and the red one doesn't, you're fine. Any other combination (and there are five of them!) is bad news. Fix it, or call the electrician.
ORDER ACA-1, Instant Circuit Tester, $21 Click to buy

A good power cord for your DVD player
We also wonder why most makers of major brand DVD players use cords with those awful little two-prong plugs...especially when we know the havoc that a digital component can wreak on an entire system by "broadcasting" noise through its power cord. But how do you change the power cord? The solution is GutWire's unique adapter, which gives you a three-prong IEC plug, allowing you to use a proper shielded power cable. The neutral and live connectors are labelled, so that you can plug the adapter into the player whichever way gives better performance. Order the adapter at the same time as a G Clef or Basic Clef power cable, and take $18 off. Order any of our other power cables at the same time, and take $8 off.
ORDER DVD-A, GutWire AC adapter, $39
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  • Hospital grade AC connectors

    It may look like a standard AC duplex outlet, but the green dot on the face confirms that it is a Hubbell hospital grade outlet. Unlike conventional outlets, it has superior wire fasteners and it grasps the plug's prongs under pressure (hospitals don't like sparks around oxygen). Substitute one for the AC outlet in your wall, and use two or three more to make your own power bar (as described in issue 51 of UHF). The AC-DA costs $23.95. Click to buy

    Need a 20 ampere unit for an exceptionally large amplifier? We have a limited number of HubbellHBL8300 duplex outlets...complete with the little notch for special AC plugs. Order AC-D20, $28.95. Click to buy

    Whichever you get, this is the cheapest audio upgrade you can get.

    Except for this one. T
    he Hubbell hospital grade plug, order AC-P2, for $25.95 Click to buy.

    Putting together your own power cord? You'll also need the other end, the IEC plug that fits the equipment. Ours can be soldered, or the cable can be crimped under pressure by a screw terminal. It comes in two flavors. At left is a 10 ampere connector for use with low-current gear such as solid state preamplifiers. At right is the beefier 15 ampere Schurter connector for power amps and other current-hungry uses, and for cords that won't readily fit the smaller body of the 10A model.
    ORDER AC-P3 10 ampere IEC 320 connector, $9.95 Click to buy
    ORDER AC-P4 Schurter 15 ampere IEC 320 connector, $18.95 Click to buy